Surish Gavinder

  • Languages

English, Urdu

  • Education

University of Toronto (J.D. 2015)

Surish is an experienced civil litigator and advocate in areas of business law

Surish has a broad range of secretarial experience gained at both law firms, and private institutions. He has focuses on areas concerning civil and commercial/corporate litigation lawsuits. 

He represents both publicly traded and private companies across a wide range of industries, including, information technology, life science, green energy, agricultural, and entertainment companies, in complex federal and provincial court litigation

Surish’s practice focuses on internet/social commerce, trademark, trade secrets, unfair competition, supply chain, business tort, and contract disputes. Surish also advises on emerging company formation, commercial transactions, and intellectual property issues for both domestic and international business entities. He has represented clients in actions across Canada and the United States

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