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Our Litigation Team will support you in any legal claim pertaining to the areas of small claims, regulatory proceedings, business, and employment, amongst others.

We litigate a wide range of contentious matters. Our approach focuses on assessing the strengths of your case and its likelihood of success. We will work with you to strengthen your case whenever possible. Throughout the process, we will respect your need to negotiate an early agreement or go all the way to trial and beyond. We represent clients in mediations, at arbitrations, in hearings, and in court proceedings.

With a claim limit of $25,000, Small Claims Court can still be daunting. We can represent you or give you advice in defending or prosecuting a claim. Having us on your side will encourage a mutually agreeable settlement. And if you choose to proceed to trial, our representation can give you the advantage. We are trained to draw out legal arguments and present sufficient strong evidence.

We pride ourselves on assisting our clients to successfully deal with the myriad of legal and business disputes that confront today’s businesses. From common contractual disputes to intellectual property claims and wrongful dismissal suits, our lawyers have navigated their clients to successes, working on such cases as:

  • Contract breaches
  • Damaged goods refunds
  • Collecting unpaid bills
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Breach of duty of good faith
  • Business and investment fraud

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