Terrance Chang

  • Languages

English, Mandarin Chinese

  • Education

University of Toronto (J.D. 2010)

Terrance focuses his practice on litigation, appeals, and complex corporate disputes

Terrance has nearly 15 years of practicing law at the highest level, Matt’s value added is bringing sophisticated legal representation to high net worth and high-profile individuals, and their businesses.  This requires more than just experience in the courtroom. It requires a holistic approach to guiding people through difficult situations. Terrance has a long track record of complex dispute resolution – from handling trials and appeals in fraud and business disputes, to quietly and discreetly handling delicate and sensitive personal practices business litigation and business torts, including partnership, shareholder, board and corporate disputes, fiduciary, fraud, franchise, banking and real estate litigation, as well as employment litigation and counseling.

Terrance also has an extensive but discreet executive compensation practice in which he counsels high-level managers, c-level officers, professional athletes and musicians, doctors, social media influencers, professors and law firm partners in employment and compensation contracts, severance agreements and non-compete and non-solicit restrictions.


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