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We grow together!

We assist various community groups, religious centres, and NPOs with their legal needs and challenges, so that they can focus on delivering their mandates, thereby benefiting all of our communities. We do this without charging our community partners any fees, because we understand the importance of the work our partners engage in, and we hope to support them in their worthy endeavours.

The kind of assistance we offer

We assist our community partners with their legal needs and challenges, which, in the past, has included a variety of matters, such as:

  • incorporating and setting up NPOs, or charities
  • reviewing and signing property leases
  • handling the purchase or sale of a good relevant to our partners
  • drafting contracts for a variety of purposes
  • advising on property, commercial, and civil law, amongst other areas

How we choose projects

We focus on taking on projects that embody our values. We strive to choose projects that have the potential to affect positive tangible change in our communities. A potential project that we support could involve assisting with or advising on a program that helps achieve a worthy goal, a transaction that is important for a partner, or a legal task that needs addressing.


If you belong to a new or established community organization or group, and have particular legal challenges or tasks that you need assistance with, please feel free to submit a Project Request and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Our Current Community Projects

Committed to supporting our communities

Ahmed Mosque Expansion

Small Business Workshops

Multi-faith Dialogue

Youth Training Program

Our Past Projects

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