Inter-faith Dialogue

Inter-faith Dialogue

We support LQS, and their efforts, we donate to them, attend their public outreach events, and support them in their efforts.

We fund At a time when religious institutions are closed, Let the Quran Speak (LQS) is readily accessible on TV and social media. We are equipped with the right tools and professional and religious know-how to provide guidance, reassurance and love for people who feel spiritually lost and helpless.

In mid-March, our producer retrieved our equipment from the mosque housing them. Dr. Shabir Ally and Dr. Safiyyah Ally then combined these with their own resources to set up studios in their respective homes. Our production team patiently guided them through the process of setting up and using the equipment. Dr. Shabir and Dr. Safiyyah now record interviews in their home and are striving to reach standards that are as close as possible to the high-quality viewers of LQS are familiar with.

But this isn’t enough. Our team wants to get back to doing what we do best: telling stories. We want to explore the ways COVID-19 is transforming our communities, religious traditions and family customs. We can share stories of hope and resiliency and care. We want to do this creatively, while respecting physical distancing and safety regulations. To do this, we need to continue transforming our production work.

Support LQS so we can purchase equipment, expand our editing work, and hire an animator to help us present our work creatively and professionally. Our work is Zakat-eligible and tax-deductible.

–> The team of LQS is excited to bring the Trailer of our new documentary ‘Michael Kirby’s Pathway to Serenity’ to light! The documentary tells the story of Michael Kirby, a man in his mid 70, who decides to search for inner peace. As his Catholic faith leaves his questions unanswered, Kirby finds himself searching where he least expected.

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