Hamid Semeralul

Education Manager
  • Languages

English, Arabic

  • Education

University of Toronto (H.B.A. 2017)

Hamid is the educational and academic manager at our firm.

Hamid accompanied his family – who came to Canada as investors – and finished high school, Bachelors and Master’s degree (both in Engineering) in Ontario Canada. After graduating, he worked in many engineering fields as a consultant and a project manager for about 10 years. Afterwards, he taught at Ontario Tech University for about two years and is currently an online instructor at University Health Network in Toronto Canada. Besides teaching, he is currently a recruiter for few universities, colleges and language schools throughout Canada. Hamid is passionate about helping those with potential to come to Canada to study, work and live. He uses his unique academic, professional and cultural skills and experiences to help people succeed.

Hamid has years of experience in guiding students towards navigating the educational system in Canada, including applying to academic programs, colleges, and universities. 

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