Greetings from our team, and we begin

Greetings from our team, and we begin

We are excited to start off our law firm with great hopes to serving you, and benefiting our community in the process.

As you know from our Our Story  and Mission & Values page, we began our law firm with the goals of combining our everyday practice of law with working on initiatives that would benefit our communities. 

Towards that end, we have committed ourselves to donate 20 percent of TOTAL REVENUES every year to charitable causes within our community. That number is a clean 20 percent, regardless of our overhead, expenses, or other factors. We believe that setting the standard that high (and hopefully raising it in the future) will keep us motivated and alert to run a profitable business that is also very much anchored in assisting our communities.

Feel free to browse our other pages, such as here in order to learn about our past contributions, or here in order to learn about about how we will remain accountable.

And so it is with great enthusiasm and high hopes that we begin this venture with you. To you, our community, and neighbors, we hope to get to know you, support you in your personal and community goals and work with you towards a more equal, accepting, and harmonious society. 

Drop us a line if you feel that our story or work resonates with you, or stop by our office to greet us.

With that, we are happy to kick start our first year in operation, this August 2019.  

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