Alberta is a province rich in resources, and an amazing quality of life for you and your family. It has many job opportunities and the highest pay rates in the country.

The Saskatchewan Entrepreneurship immigration program is designed to attract talented entrepreneurs to open a new business.

It grants a residence permit which leads to a permanent visa within 2 years.

Business owners should be able to invest minimum of CAD $300,000 in the capital city Saskatoon, or invest in CAD $200,00 in Saskatchewan communities  to start and operate  a new business, franchise or purchase, improve and operate an existing business.

The business must at least create at least two job opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents, the business owner must reside in Saskatchewan and manage their business on a daily basis.

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Your first step starts by filling out the form on our website.

  • Choose the Entrepreneur section in Canada.
  • One of our professional experts will contact you and explain all the important Information related to Ontario Entrepreneur program.
  • We will be reviewing and preparing your documents, forms.
  • We will schedule and organize your expiratory visit to Ontario.
  • We will help you in completing your profile submitting your application; prepare your business plan and following up on it.



  • Net-Worth within capital city:                                         CAD $600,000
  • Net-Worth within capital city:                                         CAD $300,000


  • Investment in business within capital city:                  CAD $300,000
  • Investment in business outside of capital city:           CAD $200,000

Government Fees:

  • Submit the application fee:                                            CAD $4,500


  • Free school education for children and higher education support.
  • Medical insurance coverage.
  • Child tax benefits for families with children under 18 years old.
  • Other child and family benefits, such as the retirement pension plan, maternity, parental benefits, and many others.
  • Full working rights and assistance in finding a job.
  • Leads to Canadian citizenship (if eligible)
  • Ability to include spouses and dependent family members (Spouse and children up to 22 years).
  • To be eligible to entrepreneur immigration stream you should have been a business owner (at least 10% of ownership) during the past 10 years.
  • You must reside in Saskatchewan and manage your business on a daily basis.
  • Create a business plan that describes and explain your company business model and operations, the types of goods and services you are offering, job titles and duties, information about your company financial performance, how you will generate profit and have sustained commercial success and more.
  • You should create a full-time job for at least two Canadian citizens or permanent resident.
  • Own at least one-third of the quality of a business in Saskatchewan unless your total investment is 1 million CAD or higher.
  • Passing the minimum points of every related factor for Canadian entrepreneurship program

Spouse of the main applicant and Children of the main applicant aged below 22 and fully supported by the main applicant.

Canada welcomes self-employed individuals in a variety of fields based on their success and the reputation that they have established in their field. These fields range from farming to athletics to the arts. Start your free assessment today to find out if your self-employed experience would make you eligible for one of the Self-Employed Immigration Programs

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