Haman Mamdhi

Office Manager

English, French

University of Toronto (H.B.A. 2014)

Haman is a business development expert, community activist, and local entrepreneur

Haman is our Office Manager, and Media Spokesperson. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto, having completed his studies in sciences.  Following his graduation, he completed various research and work posts at hospitals around the GTA. In 2017, he founded a technology company in the medical sector that has went on to win various prizes and funding competitions both locally and nationally. 

Haman is also a prolific volunteer and activist within the community. He holds an advisor position in a local municipal forum, various volunteer positions at local hospitals, and an instructor position in a writing and presentation class.

He is passionate about strengthening grassroots community organizations, and motivating youth and groups to become more civically engaged in politics.

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