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We give to grow!

We committed ourselves to give 25% of our profits every year, to community groups that are aiming to tackle important social causes that impact the Muslim community, as well as other communities. Those donations make it easier for community groups to deliver their needed programs, so that we all benefit as a society. In that way, we can have a far reaching positive impact in our communities, in a way that would not be possible by working alone.

How We Calculate Our Donations

In a nutshell, we take our revenue every year, and minus our costs from it. That would give us our yearly profits. We take these profits and divide it in half: One half is donated to community groups and charities, and the other half is re-invested in the firm or goes to its staff and lawyers.

COSTS: ​We strive to keep our costs reasonable. Within those costs are items like (1) salaries for our staff (which are kept at an average level), (2) overhead costs like for rent and utilities, and (3) operating costs like for equipment and advertising.

KEEPING ACCOUNTABLE: To keep ourselves accountable, we work a third party auditor to calculate the yearly ratios of our costs, profits, and donations. Learn more below

To Whom Do We Donate?

We choose to donate to community groups and charities that share our values. We also choose beneficiaries who:

  • are actively engaged with social causes in their locals, in the areas of education, political engagement, public relations, and youth programs
  • are fiscally responsible, as verified by a reputable third party auditor

If your community group would like to receive funds for a particular initiative or program, the link below contains information on the application process and requirements.   

Previous Donations

Below are some community groups and charities to whom we have donated:





Amount Donated

June 18, 2019

Let the Quran Speak


June 21, 2019

Islamic Information And Dawah Center



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